Three dimensional Indian Navy faces Three dimensional Accidents

by OldSailor on February 3, 2008


three dimensional navy

Indian Navy is a three dimensional force and operates on the Surface (sea), Underwater and in the Air. Indian Navy’s Motto of the Year 2008 is “Indian Navy-Professional Team Proud Force”. One of the finest Navies of the world has seen accidents in three dimensions in the last three months. Surprising, shocking and sad.

Recent Surface accident: Five sailors died on February 01,due to an accident onboard INS Jalshawa at sea. The cause of the accident is being investigated.

Recent Air accident: On December 24, 2007, a single seater Sea Harrier fighter aircraft on a routine sortie crashed at Dabolim, Goa. The pilot ejected safely. Sofar almost fifty percent of the Sea Harrier aircrafts have been lost in accidents in peace time.

Recent Underwater accident: Indian submarine, INS Sindhugosh while in periscopic depth collided with a cargo ship in the Arabian Sea on January 07. Fortunately there was no casualty. What is happening ? Why so many accidents in so short span ? Is it because of

  • lack of maintenance ?
  • insufficient training ?
  • low morale of the force ?
  • over confidence in their profession ?
  • sheer bad luck ?

Time for the Indian Navy to retrospect and initiate corrective and preventive actions.

Update: August 14

Commander Narendra Kumar, who was the Commanding Officer of the Russian origin Kilo Class Submarine INS Sindhughosh was found guilty of the accident that took place during a routine exercise off the Gujarat coast and he has quit the service. Read more from The Indian Express.

Update: February 27, 2010

On February 26, a fire and explosion in the battery compartment of INS Sindhurakshak, Russian origin Kilo class submarine in Visakhapatnam harbour killed a sailor Kump Dand, leading electrical technician and injured two more. Read more from Deccan Chronicle.

Update: March 04

On March 03 at Hyderabad, an Indian Navy aircraft HJT-16 Kiran Mk2 trainer built by Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd participating in an aerobatic display as part of the India Aviation 2010 exhibition at the Begumpet airport crashed into a building in Bowenpally locality. Pilot Cdr Suresh Maurya and the co-pilot Lcdr Rahul Nair were killed in the accident.

Read more from The Hindu.

View also a video clip: Crash at air show – What happened ?

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