US Plans for World’s Longest Undersea Car Tunnel

by OldSailor on January 28, 2008


Presently the longest undersea car tunnel Aqualine Expressway, is in Japan which was opened in December 1997. The 15.1 km long (9.5 km undersea) tunnel at a depth of 60 metres, runs under Tokyo Bay and connects Kawasaki, south of Tokyo, with Kisarazu east of the capital. The tunnel saves a distance of 50 miles of journey between the cities.

Now the world’s longest (26 to 29 km long, length of undersea part is to be finalised) undersea car tunnel is being planned to connect Oyster Bay and Rye on the New York mainland.

  • The tunnel would ease out traffic congestion to travellers going between Long Island and New England to avoid crowded New York City highways.
  • The tunnel at an estimated cost of US$10 billion would be taken up by a developer without draining tax payers money.
  • The expected completion is not before 2025.
  • The tunnel would consist of two tubes carrying three lanes of traffic each, plus a central tunnel to be used for maintenance.

Here is the map showing Oyster Bay and Rye

longest under sea tunnel newyork_1

Some photographs of Aqualine Expressway, undersea tunnel in Japan


Image Source:pref.chiba



Image source:southeastroads



Image Source:mof

News Source:canadianpress

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