Ships Without Complying Safety Norms Continue to be Beached at Alang, Indian Ship Breaking Yard

by OldSailor on January 26, 2008


Ship Recycling Industries Association in India has admitted that 53 ships were beached at Alang Ship Recyling (Breaking) Yard without mandatory Gas free certificates for Hot Work. This is in violation of the court order issued in September 2007.

Now the Association is trying to convince the court

  • that Gas Free certificates are relevant only to Oil Tankers.
  • that regulations regarding radioactive components are to be applicable to nuclear fuelled ships only.

Though the Association’s views are logical in a broader view, the procedures to ensure safety can not be compromised. Suitable local government agencies in the ship breaking yard have to ensure that Safety Comes First and Always. Also safe working conditions for the personnel in the yard are to be ensured.

Here is the map showing the location of Alang

Alang is located about 50 kms from Bhavnagar in Gujarat. The nearest rail link and airlink is also Bhavnagar.

Alang Ship Breaking Yard

Some photographs of Alang Ship Recycling Yard





Image Source:bhavnagar

News Source:timesofindia

Update: October 15

On the occasion of Blog Action Day 2008 with the theme ‘Poverty’, Sea Fever Blog covers extensively with video clips, the hardship faced by the South Asian workers in the Ship Recycling Industry due to Poverty. Read more from Sea-Fever Blog.

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