Sri Lankan Sea Mines to become Death Trap to Indian Fishermen

by OldSailor on January 24, 2008


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Sri Lankan Navy has placed mines in Indo Srilankan maritime border to check sea based terrorisim in their soil. With lot of fishing activities going in the narrow stretch of sea, the Sri Lankan mines are going to act as death traps for the Indian fishermen.

  • placing mines is violation of international conventions
  • mines are planted between Nedunthivu and Kachathivu, to prevent terrorist activists from crossing to Indian territorial waters
  • the Indian Navy officials have been informed to warn the Indian fishermen against crossing the International Maritime Boundary Line (IMBL)
  • unfortunately, many fishermen can not identify IMBL and distinguish between Indian and Sri Lankan waters

This is going to put pressure on Indian Navy and Indian Coast Guard to ensure safe seas for the Indian fishermen.

Here is the map showing Indo Srilankan waters

indo srilankan waters

What is a Sea Mine?

There is no functional difference between a land mine and a sea mine. The sea based mines depending on their application

  • may float on the surface of the sea
  • may be positioned at a pre determined depth
  • may be positioned in sea bed

The sea based mine will explode and cause destruction

  • on coming in contact with a ship
  • on sensing the ships magnetic properties
  • on sensing acoustics of the ship nearby
  • by radio or timer control

Classification of Sea Mines


All the Navies have ships to function as mine sweepers or hunters to ensure safe passage of the ships.

Here is a video clip on land mines

Here is a video clip on sea mines

News Source:timesofindia

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