China Garlands India with String of Pearls

by OldSailor on January 23, 2008


Economic progress and development of any country depends on availability and sustainability of energy resources to meet the requirements of that country.

By 2015, China’s oil imports from Middle East is likely to reach 70% of its total oil imports. The oil from the Middle East reaches China through the sea route. China has rightly and wisely foreseen this energy dependence from the Middle East. To ensure smooth flow of oil from Middle East, China has identified the need to have control over this sea route in case of any conflicts. To protect this sea route, China has knit String of Pearls along this sea route.

If you look at the map below, it can be easily visualised how String of Pearls is seen as a garland around India.

String of Pearls around India

Chinese Pearls around India

On January 21, Chief of Naval Staff of India has highlighted Chinese designs on the Indian Ocean. Now it is time for India to plan accordingly to meet the new challenges.

Update: May 25

Here is an interesting interactive graphical information on ‘World oil consumption’ which says after USA, it is China who consumes more oil. Click here to view the graphical data.

Update: June 19

China has no plans to try and dominate the shipping lanes of the Indian Ocean, its ambassador to India said in Hong Kong on June 18. Read more from expressindia.

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kunal December 4, 2012 at 10:10 AM

Cochin has the potential to become a bunkering (marine fuelling ) hub for vessels of China importing crude from the gulf. The fuel prices in Kochi (supplied by India Oil PSUs) is lesser than that in Sri Lankan ports.

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