Ship as Floating Data Centres

by OldSailor on January 17, 2008


Floating Data Centre

A Data Centre is the master control centre of a computer network comparable to the Bridge of a ship.

A Data Centre requires

  • adequate space
  • uninterrupted electrical power
  • airconditioning
  • fire detection and fire fighting arrangements
  • a safe and secure environment

All these resources are available in a ship and International Data Security (IDS) company is planning to set up 22 such centres around the world in decommissioned container ships. Also setting up and maitenance costs of floating data centres are expected to be cost effective comparing to land based data centres. These Floating Data Centres need not to be mobile and hence propulsion machinery are not required.

Here a shipping container being used as a data centre.




Image Source:sun

View a video clip of a shipping container as a data centre

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