China Plans For Underwater Observation Station

by OldSailor on January 6, 2008


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Rising sea levels and marine pollution are seriously damaging day by day water resources and ecologies. China with a coast line of 14,500 km is aptly planning to set up an underwater observation station to forecast natural disasters. The station is expected to function like an underwater weather station.

Important features of this underwater observation station are:

  • will be built in Hangzhou Bay near the estuary of the Yangtze River
  • to be set up jointly by the Shanghai ocean bureau, Shanghai meteorological bureau and Shanghai seismological bureau
  • will be used mainly to observe crust movement
  • to study the ocean’s physical, chemical, biological and geological processes to prevent earthquakes and other disasters
  • will help to augment an early warning system and allow authorities to make disaster preparation plans such as the evacuation of people
  • station is expected to be the starting point for the establishment of a nationwide integrated ocean observation network
  • ocean currents will not affect the station’s mechanisms as its devices will be placed deep in the seabed
  • will also help study of ocean movements and their interaction with the earth’s continents and the atmospheric layer for early detection of natural disasters.
  • will help to shed light on the earth’s dynamic changes and track how these affect the surrounding environment

A typical Disaster Early Warning System is shown below


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View a video clip of NOAA Aquarius Underwater Laboratory.

News source:chinadaily

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