An Overview of Seaplanes

by OldSailor on January 5, 2008


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Having seen sQuba amphibious car which can travel on land and water, it is time to know seaplanes, float planes, flying boat and amphibian aircraft. All these planes are not same and there is some difference.

A Sea Plane is a fixed wing aircraft which can take off and land on water.

A Float Plane is a seaplane which can float on water by one or more floats.

A Flying Boat is a seaplane with a modified hull designed for floating.

An Amphibian aircraft is an aircraft which can take off and land on both water and land.

All of these planes discussed above are also sometimes called as hydroplanes.

The chart below will further make it more clear.

seaplane chart

Here are some photographs of Float Planes

image image

image image

Image Source:oceanair

Here are some photographs of Flying Boats

image image

Image Source:aeroplaneart

View a video clip of Be-200 Multipurpose Amphibious Aircraft

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