Ship Visit by Trainees of A Marine Training Institute

by OldSailor on January 3, 2008


DSC01024 DSC01027

The Directorate General of Shipping (DGS), India deals with all marine related activities in India including Maritime Training. At present there are 105 approved Maritime Institutes by the DGS. Ship visits are mandatory for the trainees in these training institutes as part of the training activities. In fact some of the training institutes as per the DGS directives have gone for Ship in Campus, which is a replica of a ship with in the institute with all equipment installed. Ship in Campus is necessary for those institutes whose trainees are not sent to outside marine workshops as part of training.

During ship visit, the trainees are divided into smaller groups so that the trainees can see the equipments clearly and can understand the working of the equipment easily. Ship visit is an opportunity for the trainees to physically see the ships equipment which are taught in class rooms. The ship visit is almost a whole day affair.

Here are some photographs taken during a ship visit.(The trainees are from CIMeT)

Main Generator

DSC00980 DSC00981

Lub oil purifier and control panel

DSC00982 DSC00983

Air compressor, Pressure switches

DSC00985 DSC00988

Air compressor, Air bottle

DSC00986 DSC00987

Tools stowage, Fire extinguisher

DSC00989 DSC00990

Engine order telegraph

DSC00991 DSC00992

Learning by discussion

DSC00993 DSC01008

Control valves, instrumentation


Aux Boiler, Main Engine

DSC00996 DSC00997

Main Engine

DSC00998 DSC00999

Workshop, Engine room instrumentation

DSC01000 DSC00995

Engine Control Room


Main Switch Board

DSC01003 DSC01004

Deck equipment

DSC01005 DSC01011

Deck equipment

DSC01006 DSC01007

Fire monitor, Fire alarm

DSC01009 DSC01020

Steering gear

DSC01012 DSC01013

Steering gear control panel, steering gear pumps

DSC01014 DSC01016

Steering gear

DSC01017 DSC01018

Emergency generator, fuel tank


Emergency Generator


Rudder and sacrificial anodes

DSC01026 DSC01025

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Update: September 25

The above photographs are at Flickr also.

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