Global Warming takes toll of Walrus due to Stampede

by OldSailor on December 29, 2007


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Walruses prefer to live in icy weather in large groups of thousands. They are sighted in Arctic Ocean and sub Arctic seas of the Northern Hemisphere. They can be easily identified by their unique tusks, whiskers and heavy built body.

Now due to Global Warming, the ice starts melting and the icy surface area starts reducing where walruses live. Unlike seals, walruses can not swim in water for longer time and they have to come to the icy surface for survival. When large number of walruses gather in a small area most of the old and very young walruses die due to stampede. Also panic stricken walruses due to the sound from low flying aircrafts or on sighting polar bear die due to stampede. Thousands of walruses have died so far this year.

How do we put an end to these man made disasters?

This photo shown below is of a female walrus, after a stampede on Cape Vankarem, Russia in March, 2007.


Another photo of a walrus that managed to survive.


Photo by Pacific Institute of Fisheries and Oceanography/Anatoly A. Kochnev

Here watch a video of walrus

Information source:bakersfield

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