Norway Plans to Sail Ships Through Tunnel

by OldSailor on December 21, 2007


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Coastal ships of Norway in a few years can get relief from rough seas and sea sickness.

Norway has chalked out plans to construct the world’s first shipping tunnel to save time and money for vessels passing through a coastal area known for its dangerous seas. Strong winds, high waves and powerful currents in the area of Stad on the western coast of Norway cause long delays while ships wait for calmer conditions.

The Norwegian Coastal Administration has recommended building the 1,800-metre tunnel with a flexibility for future growth in ship sizes. The tunnel, estimated to cost 1.7-billion kroner ($307-million Canadian) and take five years to build, would cut through a peninsula, saving ships the risky journey around the coastline. The idea to build a shipping passage is going on since 1870.

The advantages of sea tunnel are:

  • cost effective
  • no rough seas and no more sea sickness
  • reduced transport time
  • growth of tourism

The plan is expected to be approved by the parliament next year.

Here is the map showing the location:


Here are some sketches of the project.

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image image


Update: October 20, 2008

Here is an interesting video clip of Stad ship tunnel.

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