Hot Russians go for Ice Swimming

by OldSailor on December 19, 2007


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During winter when most of us try to keep warm, hot Russians prefer to go for Ice Swimming which is popular in Russia.

In Moscow region a team of ice swimmers have started enjoying their ice swimming season. Traditionally it is believed ice swimming is the best way to remain healthy and feel young. In Russia ice swimmers are called as walruses. December is the right season for ice swimming as there is little wind and just minus 10 Celsius. At this time of year the walruses stay in the water for around 15 minutes. But ice swimmers don’t care about lower temperatures and take the plunge even when it’s minus 40 Celsius.

Some photographs

ice swimmer 1

ice swimmer 2

Image Source:russiatoday

ice swimmer 3

Image Source:iceswim

Click here to view a video.

Watch another video clip here.

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