Japanese Destroyer Shirane Catches Fire in Harbour

by OldSailor on December 16, 2007


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Japanese MSDF 5200 ton destroyer Shirane scheduled to sail out early morning on December 15, caught fire at about 2220 hours on December 14. The Shirane destroyer can hold three helicopters and this is the first Japanese warship to carry a three-dimensional radar.

  • Destroyer Shirane was berthed in Yokosuka Naval Base base near Tokyo.
  • It took about 8 hours to extinguish the fire involving 16 fire engines.
  • Four ships crew suffered carbon monoxide poisoning and other injuries as they tried to put out the fire. Officials identified the injured members as a 20-year-old leading seaman and 36-year-old third-class petty officer from the Shirane, and a 36-year-old third-class petty officer and a 22-year-old leading seaman from the nearby warship Murasame, who rushed over to help battle the fire.
  • It is reported that fire apparently started near the warship’s combat information centre. The cause of fire is suspected to be due to an electrical fault.
  • Initially the fire was not reported to local fire fighting authorities as the crew thought they could put it out themselves. At the time the fire started, there were about 80 crew members on board.

Some photographs

Firefighters and other officials battle the blaze as white smoke rises from the Shirane warship in Yokosuka at about 2:15 a.m. on Saturday.


Image Source:mdn.mainichi.jp


Image Source:mediafaxfoto.ro

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