Intelligent Brown Trouts Show the Way to Survive

by OldSailor on December 15, 2007


Survival and freedom at what cost?

You will be surprised to see from the picture below how the Brown Trouts manage to escape to survive in a free world.

brown trout

Click to enlarge (Image Source:environmentalgraffiti)

It is amazing to see how intelligent Brown Trouts in a fish farm managed to escape by jumping 3 feet upwards against the water flow to get in to the 8 inch dia metal pipe from where water was coming. They were successful in travelling 30 feet against the water flow inside the pipe to reach the river from where water was coming from.

Lessons learned

  • Define your goal
  • Plan and execute with zero error
  • Freedom comes always at some cost

In contrast, see a video clip that shows where a chopper sinks due to human error.

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