Blue H Technologies launches Worlds First Floating Wind Turbine

by OldSailor on December 8, 2007



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Blue H Technologies has recently developed Floating Wind Turbines which can be operated at 10 and 15 nautical miles from the coast and at sites where the average winds are good (at least 8 meters per second). At such locations, the economics of the wind farms better and also the wind turbines are practically invisible to the naked eye from shore.

  • Blue H has adapted proven deepwater technology from the oil and gas industry to develop stable platforms in the sea upon which to place marinized offshore wind turbines.
  • Blue H’s unique offshore wind turbines need not to be anchored to the seabed and can be used in waters deeper than 50 meters (164 feet), depths at which installation costs for fixed turbines become prohibitive.
  • At most of the locations, at a distance of 10 – 15 nautical miles from the coast water depth is typically between 50 and 200 metres, ideal for Blue H’s technology.
  • Blue H has under development number of offshore wind farms in the US, in Europe and in Asia that can only be developed using its technology.
  • During this year 2007 Blue H designed, commissioned and launched its large scale prototype in Puglia in Southern Italy, a world’s first, and are now using the Blue H prototype, not only to test the assembly, launch, float-over and installation of the tension legged wind energy converter, but also to serve as a metering platform.

Now very soon the first commercially operating wind energy converter is expected to be installed at the Tricase site, Italy and further to be followed by 25 more units. This is likely to be the first offshore deepwater wind farm park in the world. The Tricase offshore wind farm will have an installed capacity of 92 MW enough to cover the needs of more than 75,000 households.

Click here to view the video clip of proto type floating wind turbine of Blue H Technologies

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