Mayport Naval Station becomes the First Tsunami Ready Navy Base

by OldSailor on December 1, 2007


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Naval Station at Mayport Florida, the third largest US Naval Base becomes the first Navy Base to achieve TsunamiReady status. The recognition was given by the National Weather Service during a ceremony at Naval Station Mayport on 26 November.

What is a Tsunami Ready?

  • A National Weather Service (NWS) program conducted in close coordination with state emergency management agencies which promotes tsunami hazard preparedness as an active collaboration among federal, state, and local emergency management agencies, the public, and the NOAA tsunami warning system.
  • TsunamiReady is based on the NWS StormReady program.
  • The program’s main goal is to increase public safety during tsunami emergencies.

Further information on TsunamiReady program is available here.

To know the present TsunamiReady sites at US click here.

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