10 Reasons Why Learning Swimming is Necessary

by OldSailor on November 29, 2007


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We all know that approximately 71% of Planet Earth is surrounded by water and further rising sea levels are expected due to global warming. Nature demands that we learn to live as amphibians in land and water. So learning swimming is essential for non swimmers and there are enough reasons to learn swimming.

1.Gives you confidence to survive during natural calamities

Very often we come across news reports of drowning, floods. On such occasions, a swimmer is confident to face the natural calamities and attempts to survive.

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2.Can save other lives in distress

There are occasions where swimmers as good Samaritans have saved the lives of people who were drowning.


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3.The only exercise that keeps you fit without sweating

Only in swimming, you burn your fat without sweating. Swimming works out your whole body, improves cardiovascular conditioning. Swimming improves body’s use of oxygen without overworking the heart.


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4.A means of recreation which relieves strain and relaxes your mind

Relaxing in weightless state in water by floating relieves strain and relaxes your mind.


5.To experience the joy of floating

Floating can be done either in air by sky diving which is adventurous, risky and costly or by floating in water which is much easy and less risky. One has to experience the floating in water to enjoy the feeling.

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6.To become a underwater diver or specialise in water sports, first you have to be a swimmer

To specialise in water sports, definitely one has to know swimming.

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7.To join the Navy and see the world, swimming is necessary

In certain professional services like Navy, one has to qualify swimming during the training period.


8.By nature, we have the aptitude to be swimmers

For males about 69% of the body mass is water and for females it is about 55% due to a higher proportion of body fat. Our body is naturally buoyant and requires little efforts to float and swim. Even a new born baby in water starts floating and swims.


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9.Future world or living is likely to be under waters

With high rate of population increase and fast depleting land based minerals and wealth, the future living is going to be in under waters or space.


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10.Helps you to socialise with people in beaches

If you know swimming you can go for a swim, sunbath, relax and socialise with people in beaches.

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View a video on free style swimming lesson

Update: June 06, 2009

View a video clip from Fox News that shows how easy it is for children below 4 years to learn swimming:  Swimming Survival Skills

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