Engine and Condition Monitoring (ECM) 2007

by OldSailor on November 12, 2007


ECM 2007:

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Engine and Condition Monitoring (ECM) has had widespread acceptance in a number of industries. Elements of remote monitoring are becoming more commonplace, but there are some unique issues that have and still need to be addressed before widespread acceptance in the marine environment. Through real life case studies ECM 2007 will highlight the current technologies and discuss how these are being used in current marine environments and discuss their future influence on common practice.


15th – 16th November 2007


At Metropolitan Hotel, Athens, Greece

Program Highlights:

  • “Keynote address: Engine and Condition Monitoring”, by Greek Ship Manager (TBC)
  • “Case study on ECM” by Dr Gopi Chandroth, Director, Chandroth Consulting.
  • “Fleet-Broadband – Inmarsat’s Future Satellite Solutions for the Maritime Industry ” by Kyle Hurst, Inmarsat
  • “Condition Monitoring Related to Class” by Tuva K. Andersen, DNV Maritime, Technology and Production Centre
  • “Rolls Royce Marine ECM” by Wayne Ross, Rolls Royce
  • “Significant Developments in Fuel and Lubricant Analysis” by Danny Shorten, Lloyds Register Marine Consultancy Services
  • “How the Maritime Industry can Benefit from Condition Monitoring on the Path to Condition Based Maintenance” by Ole Doessing, Rovsing Dynamics
  • “Effective Solutions for Condition Based Monitoring” by Robert Oelker, MAN
  • “Diesel Engine Monitoring and Security” by Michael Theobald, Schaller Automation.
  • “Innovative CBM Case Study” by Shaun Rowe, James Fisher Shipping Services
  • “Cost Effective Crank Shaft On-line Monitoring” by Dr Kuhn, Diesel Enset Pte Ltd
  • “Advances in Online Emissions Monitoring – Balancing the Environment / Efficiency Equation” by Mark West, BP Marine
  • “Monitoring of Cylinder wear in real time to improve running costs and prevent damage” by Matthias Winkler, Kittiwake
  • “Vizada Remote Maintenance Solutions” by Reinhold Lueppen, Vizada

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