Launching of Life Boat and Inflatable Liferaft in Ships Explained

by OldSailor on November 2, 2007


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Life Boats and Liferafts are provided in ships as a means of life saving in case of emergency.

  • The number of lifeboats and liferafts provided is calculated on the basis of carrying capacity of these life saving appliances and the number of ships crew.
  • The life saving appliances are to be surveyed periodically as per the regulations to ensure seaworthiness.
  • Safety awareness posters on procedures to launch life boats and liferafts are prominently displayed in ships.
  • Easy access/approach to these appliances is necessary to use these life saving appliances without any time delay.
  • Drills on using life saving appliances are to be conducted periodically to ensure ships crew are confident to use these appliances in case of emergency.

1.Six easy steps to launch an open life boat are given below which are self explanatory.

Life boat launching1

Life boat launching2

Life boat launching3

Life boat launching4

Life boat launching5

Life boat launching6

2.Six easy steps to launch a enclosed life boat are given below which are self explanatory.







3.Five easy steps to launch a liferaft are given below which are self explanatory.

Liferaft launching1

Liferaft launching2

Liferaft launching3

Liferaft launching4

Liferaft launching5

4.Six important activities required after launching liferaft.







OldSailor feels life safety drills are necessary on life saving appliances to save the ships crew in case of any emergency.

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