INS Tarangini completes Global Voyage ‘Lokayan’ 2007′

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The name Tarangini comes from the Hindi word ‘Tarang’ meaning waves. She is the only Sail Training ship of the Indian Navy. She is termed as a three-masted Barque in sailing parlance i.e. square rigged on the Fore and Main masts and fore and aft rigged on Mizzen mast.

1. Sail Training Ship INS Tarangini:

INS Tarangini, arrived at Kochi on 29 October 2007, after a ten-month voyage named ‘Lokayan’ 07′, in which the ship called at 24 ports in 16 countries. In a function at the Naval Base Kochi, Flag Officer Commanding-in-Chief of Southern Naval Command S K Damle welcomed the ship after it was escorted into the harbour by two tugs from the Naval Ship Repair Yard, sailing boats, water scooter and speed boats from Seamanship School. Important features of the voyage are listed below:

  • During the voyage, the ship with a crew of seven officers and 43 sailors under Commander Sunil Balakrishnan trained 279 trainees from the Navy and 16 the of Indian Coast Guard besides embarking 18 foreign trainee officers from 15 countries including Australia, Canada, Brazil, UK, US, Netherlands and Sri Lanka.
  • The ship, which set sail on 10 January 2007 on her third major voyage, traversed over 22,000 nautical miles covering major water bodies of the world including Atlantic Ocean and flying the Tricolour in the ports of Asia, Africa, North America and Europe.The ship,embarked cadets of the First Training Squadron, INS Shivaji, INS Mnadovi and naval cadets of the National Defence Academy (NDA), in batches at select ports of the voyage.
  • Previous voyages:
    • Between January 2003 and April 2004: Tarangini had circumnavigated the globe with the theme of ‘Building Bridges of Friendship across the Oceans’ calling at 70 ports in 18 countries covering 34,923 nautical miles.
    • Between April 2005 to November 2005: The ship covered the high seas of Europe aimed at ‘Strenghtening the Bridges of Friendship across the Ships’ calling at 16 ports in 13 countries covering 15,000 nautical miles.

2.Ships Data:

  • Place of Construction:Goa Shipyard Limited Vasco Da- Gama, India
  • Keel laid on:20 Jun 95
  • Launched on:01 Dec 95
  • Commissioned on:11 Nov 97
  • Length Overall:54 meters
  • Beam:8.53 meters
  • Height of Foremast above WL:33.6 meters
  • Height of Mainmast above WL:34.5 meters
  • Height of Mizzenmast above WL:29.8 meters
  • Draught:4.5 meters
  • Displacement:513 tonnes
  • Type of rig:Three masted Barque
  • Total number of sails:Twenty (Eight square and twelve fore and aft)
  • Sail Area:965.4 sq. meters
  • Engines:2 Kirloskar Cummins Diesel (320 HP each )

3.Some more photographs of INS Tarangini:







Image courtesy:indiannavy

News Source:webindia123

OldSailor congratulates Tarangini sailors of Lokayan 2007.

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