Deck and Engine Room Signs in Ships Explained

by OldSailor on October 29, 2007


In one of our earlier post “Different Safety Signs in the ships explained” dated 09 October 2007, I had explained the basic signs used in ships. Now more specifically, I wish to highlight Deck and Engine Room Signs displayed in ships.

The different Deck and Engine Room Signs are shown below, which are self explanatory.

1.Prohibition Signs:

deck,er signs7 deck,er signs10

deck,er signs26deck,er signs28

2.Warning Signs:

deck,er signs2deck,er signs23

deck,er signs27

deck,er signs14deck,er signs13

3.Mandatory Signs:

deck,er signs3deck,er signs4 deck,er signs5

deck,er signs15 deck,er signs16

deck,er signs17 deck,er signs18

deck,er signs20deck,er signs21 deck,er signs22

deck,er signs6

4.Emergency Escape or First Aid Signs:

deck,er signs12 deck,er signs11

deck,er signs25

5.Fire Safety Signs:

deck,er signs9deck,er signs8

6.Combination Signs:

deck,er signs1

deck,er signs30

deck,er signs24 deck,er signs19

7.Informative Sign:

deck,er signs29

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