Seaport and Airport Passenger Friendly Signs Explained

by OldSailor on October 28, 2007


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Passenger friendly signs are displayed in International Seaports and Airports. In 1993, the ICAO & IMO Councils approved the joint publication of the third edition of Doc 9430, Which details the symbols to be used in all Seaports and Airports. Text only boards in English can not be understood by non English speaking passengers. Hence, Signs or Symbols are displayed prominently so that it can be easily understood.

Sometimes English Text below each sign is provided. But as per the regulations, text below sign is to be avoided where ever possible.

The signs (with text below for information), are shown below:

signs1 signs2 signs3

Disabled Access, Elevators , Foot Passengers

signs4 signs5 signs6

Cars , Lorries, Arrivals

signs7 signs8 signs9

Departures, Toilets, Ladies Toilets

signs10 signs11 signs12

Mens Toilets , Drinking Water, Nursery

signs13 signs14 signs15

First Aid, Pharmacy, Baggage Claim

signs16 signs17 signs18

Baggage Cart , Baggage Store, Baggage Lockers

signs19 signs20 signs21

No Weapons, No Smoking, No Entry

signs22 signs23 signs24

Bar, Coffee Shop, Restaurant

signs25 signs26 signs27

Shopping Area, Information, Hotel Reservations

signs28 signs29 signs30

Lost & Found, Telephones, Cables & Faxes

signs31 signs32 signs33

Postal Facility, Banking Facility, Taxis

signs34 signs35 signs36

Buses ,Trains , Car Rental

signs37 signs38 signs39

Arrivals, Departures, Connecting Flights

signs40 signs41 signs42

Helicopters, Direction Arrows

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